Victaulic piping systems solutions can be found in some of the world’s most stunning and challenging engineering projects – buildings that arguably push the design and construction envelope. Heating, air conditioning and plumbing piping systems solutions for commercial, healthcare, education, and hi-tech/research/laboratory facilities dot the global landscape, from North America to Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

Couplings Victaulic couplings provide a simple, economical method for joining carbon steel, ductile iron and aluminum piping systems. Victaulic couplings provide designers with versatility not found in other pipe joining methods.

  • Available to join "/20 mm through 42"/1050 mm piping systems
  • Advanced Grooved System (AGS) couplings available in rigid and flexible designs for 14 – 24"/350 – 600 mm piping systems
  • Vic-Flange adapters are available to directly incorporate grooved components into a piping system

Fittings A wide range of fittings are available in sizes through 42"/1050 mm for fast installation. The grooved design permits flexibility for easy alignment.

  • Various styles of elbows, tees, crosses, wyes, laterals, adapters, nipples, caps, plugs and reducers are available for superior design flexibility
  • AGS fittings available for 14 – 24"/350 – 600 mm piping systems
  • Painted orange enamel with optional galvanized finish

Valves Victaulic valves are engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance, superior flow control and durable, long-lasting reliability.

  • A full line of butterfly, check, ball, triple service, circuit balancing and plug valves are available
  • For 14 – 24"/350 – 600 mm piping systems Victaulic offers AGS butterfly and check valves
  • A variety of wear-resistant materials and coatings are available for specific piping application requirements

Accessories Victaulic offers a complete line of accessories for equipment protection,special applications and flow measurement.

  • Suction diffusers and strainers reduce maintenance downtime and allow easy access to the system
  • For 14 – 24"/350 – 600 mm piping systems Victaulic offers AGS products
  • Expansion joints accommodate expansion and contraction to meet system requirements
  • Flow measuring devices ensure flow requirements are met

Hole Cut Products Victaulic hole cut products provide a fast, easy mid-pipe outletthat does not require welding.

  • Gaskets are molded to conform to the O.D. of the pipe and are of a pressure responsive design
  • Hole cut products are mounted to the pipe using either a locating collar or a toe and heeldesign and provide a smooth flow area
  • Victaulic offers a line of easy to operate hole cutting tools

Grooved Copper Victaulic offers a cold formed roll grooved system that eliminates the need for soldering or brazing for safer more efficient installation.

  • Complete line of couplings, fittings and valves for systems rated to 300 psi/2065 kPa
  • Line of roll grooving tools available for on-site grooving
  • Copper connection system joins 2 – 8"/50 – 200 mm Type K, L, M or DWV copper

Pressfit The Pressfit system is a small diameter, quick-connect piping system solution that delivers speed, economy and reliability.

  • Available for Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel systems
  • Full range of couplings, fittings and valves in – 2"/15 – 50 mm sizes
  • Handheld tool used to join pipe in seconds

Plain End Piping System The plain end piping method is ideal for maintenance and repairs as well as new systems such as roof drains, slurries and tailings.

  • Designed for use on Schedule 40 steel pipe
  • Coupling jaws conform to pipe and provide greater pipe contact for positive grip
  • Complete line of couplings and fittings

Pipe Preparation Tools Victaulic is the leader in the development of roll and cut grooving tools. In addition to our extensive lines of grooving tools, Victaulic offers hole cutting tools, cut-off tools and pressing tools.

  • Tools are available for use in the field, fabrication shop or groove-in-place
  • Patented enhanced tracking rolls provide for hands free grooving
  • Tools available for rental or purchase