Steamist transforms your bath area... From simple beginnings as a more industrial oriented company, Steamist realized that the future is in bringing an age old culturally specific practice of steambathing into the mass consciousness. Not very long ago, the idea of steam and sauna bathing in this country was barely recognized much less incorporated into domestic practice. As the level of awareness has grown in the last decade, tremendous demand for steambath and sauna products has also grown, resulting in new and Steamistexpanded ways of creating an escape from high intensity life.

The pleasures of steam bathing appreciated for centuries, have never been easier to enjoy in your own home. Having your own personal steam bath or sauna can help you sleep better and work better. Because above all, you'll feel better.

We are proud to offer a full line of Steamist products, including:

  • Steam Baths
  • InstaMist Steam Generators
  • SM Steam Generator Systems
  • Large SM Systems
  • Steambath Controls
  • Steambath Accessories