NIBCO products are used in residential, commercial construction, industrial and irrigation markets worldwide. Manufactured to the exacting demands of each of our customers, NIBCO has been synonymous with quality for more than a century.

NIBCO Systems Putting our experience to work, we are proud to introduce NIBCO Systems offering modern day solutions to the industry’s changing needs. Our system-based solutions such as NIBCO DURA-PEX piping systems, a complete PEX potable water system, and NIBCO Press System, press-to-connect fittings and valves, provide alternatives to traditional joining systems.

Valves / Actuation NIBCO valves are the most specified for commercial and mechanical applications. We offer a full line of valves and actuators including pneumatic and electric. NIBCO also has the expertise to help with design choices, application considerations, even advice on chemical and temperature resistance.

Fittings Whether the need is for potable water, drain, waste, vent or refrigeration fittings, NIBCO not only has the product, but the technology to support it. We produce copper, cast bronze and plastic fittings for plumbing and irrigation systems.

Chemtrol Industrial Plastics With more than 40 years in industrial plastics, Chemtrol offers pipe, valves and fittings for the most demanding environments. Available in a variety of materials from PVC to polypropylene, Chemtrol products are lightweight, chemical-resistant and maintenance-free...saving you time and money.

TOLCO Support Systems A recognized name of pipe support systems for over 30 years, TOLCO’s reputation is built upon quality, experience, service and teamwork. TOLCO consists of a total package of pipe hangers, pipe supports, seismic bracing, framing channels and fittings.